2nd International Cartoon Festival on International Al-Quds Day
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Deadline : 20 June 2018

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2nd International Cartoon Festival on International Al-Quds Day




Coinciding with the Arrival of Holy Ramadan 1439 AH, the "Ahlulbayt News Agency – ABNA”, in cooperation with the “Committee For Supporting The Islamic Resistance Of Palestinian People” and “Islamic Art Portal Site” (Www.Islamicartz.Com) is going to hold the 2nd International Cartoon Festival on International Al-Quds Day under the title of “Al-Quds; the Eternal Capital of Palestine”. Cartoonist around the world can attend.



1. Each Cartoonist can send a maximum of four works to participate in the contest.


2. Cartoons to be sent in A4 size (300 Dpi resolution and Jpg format).


3. Cartoonists shall be free to choose any technique they wish to use.


4. Jpg files should be named according to the following examples in ENGLISH language:

((Name & surname of the designer – Number of the cartoon – cell phone number (Dot) Jpg))

Such As: Amir Amiri-01-09120000000.Jpg


5. Cartoons must be accompanied by the completed application form and a scanned copy of national ID card (for Iranian participants) or the first page of passport (for non-Iranian participants).


6. Participants must fill out the digital form of the festival.


7. The signatory of the application form shall be considered the owner of the dispatched work(s). If proved otherwise, dispatched cartoons shall be eliminated from the competition.


8. Cartoons must be new and not participatedin other festivals. In case of non-compliance with this requirement, works shall be eliminated and the awards – if presented – must be returned.


9. Festival’s secretariat shall be entitled to use the participating cartoons in any way.


10. All participants will be awarded a certificate of participation in the festival.


11. Sending works shall be regarded as acceptance of the contest’s rules.



FIRST Winner: Honorary Diploma + € 1500

SECOND Winner: Honorary Diploma + € 1250

THIRD Winner: Honorary Diploma + € 1000



1. Deadline for sending works: 20 June 2018

2. How to send works:

Participants must complete the form through their electronics, and submit their works.


To fill out the form and submit the works, go to the festival's e-mail (icfoaqd@gmail.com) or use the following page:


Post Cartoons




If you have any questions or problems, contact the Secretariat of the Festival in the following ways:

Phone: 025-32131250 ( Call time from 10 am to 17 pm)

Fax: 0098-25-32131250

SMS: 30006954

Email: icfoaqd@gmail.com

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