23° Mercosur International Cartoon Contest Diógenes Taborda 2018 Argentina
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Deadline :1 August 2018

تبریز تونز

23° Mercosur International  Cartoon Contest Diógenes Taborda 2018 Argentina



Adjunto:Aplication Formulario  23 Salon Diogenes Taborda


Regulation: The Cartoon contest is open to professional and amateur cartoonists and illustrators sending 1 to 3 works with the theme TANGO.

1 - Dates: Art  Selection: August 1th 

Awards:  September 21th, 19 hs.

2 - Categories: Cartoon (graphic humor) ,  Caricature (graphic humor that expresses the physical and/or personality character known), illustration + Special Prize to the artwork most voted by the public.

3 - Theme: TANGO

4 - Requirements: The graphic tehnique is free. The entry form or a word document with the artist name, address, telephone, e-mail, website and a small biography. Each artist may enter with a maximum of 03 works per category in a size that no exceed 30x40 cm., digitalized in 300 DPI  in JPG format. The works should be sent by e-mail to this e-mail addresses: volpestessens@gmail.com – diogenestaborda@gmail.com


5 - Prizes: The Big Prize Diogenes Taborda 2018 will win a personal exhibition exclusive about him the Night of the Museums of Buenos Aires 2019 (the most popular day of the argentinean museums) and a colective exhibition the other 3 awarded artists in the 3 categories during the next year to be realized in the Cartoon Museum Diogenes Taborda, the day of the cartoon . Also will be edited a postcard in 10x15 cm  with 4 colors. 1.000 copies and a diploma will be sent to the awarded artists.

6 - Jury: Featured artists and personalities of the Tango, historians, Graphic Humorists and directors of Museums

7 - Additional information: A simple application requires the artist to acceptance of these regulations. The artists selected tranfer automatically authorial rights of his artworks for reproductions in any media, without restriction, aiming to promote the event; and allows to the Cartoon Museum Diógenes Taborda to use this artwork in any other exhibitions.


Director Jorge Omar Volpe Stessens

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