The 9th Jiaxing International Animation Biennale -2019
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Deadline : May 30, 2019

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The 9th Jiaxing International Animation Biennale -2019


The Jiaxing International Animation Biennale is a well-known and influential theme comic exhibition at home and abroad. This exhibition has played an important role in promoting cartoon art, strengthening international cultural exchanges and cooperation, and enhancing urban imagery. Under the joint efforts of the Chinese Artists Association and the Jiaxing Municipal Government, the 9th Jiaxing International Animation Biennale will be held in Jiaxing. Now we are looking for

Artists from around the world showcase their masterpieces.


My organization:

1. Organizer: Chinese Artists Association, Jiaxing Municipal Government

2. Co-organizers: Animation Committee of China Artists Association, Zhejiang Artists Association, Jiaxing City Federation of Literature, Jiaxing City Cultural Bureau, Radio and Television, Press Press. Publishing, China Comics Base

3. Executive supporters: Jiaxing Art Museum, Jiaxing Artists Association

4. Coordinator: Zhejiang Cartoonists Association, Jiaxing, etc.

Basic institution


Second, the exhibition organizing committee:

Director: Xu Li, Mao Hongfang

Deputy Director: Xu Pengfei, Zhu Yawei, Xing Haihua

Secretary General: Li Wei, Guo Baodong, Wang

Deng Feng, Luo Xianyue

Deputy Secretary General: Jin Qinlong, Wang Yiwei

Committee member (last name stroke order): Ma

Xue Wen, Chen Shuanghu, Chen Yunfei, Chen Jianjiang, Hu

Jing, Yi Yi, Yu Zhida, He Wei, Ling Jiachun

Director of the Exhibition Office: Yan Yi, Hu Jing, Chen Jianjiang

Deputy Director of the Exhibition Office: He Xuan, Chen Shuanghu

Exhibition Editor: Yang Lei, Ling Jiachun, Ma Xuewen


The III selection committee consists of experts selected from them.

Chinese Artists Association Expert Library

IV Exhibition Theme: Smart City

With the development of technology, artificial intelligence has gradually become a new trend of urban development. Better wisdom, better life.

V Exhibition time: October 2019

VI. Exhibition Venue: Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China

Seven, exhibition scale: The Biennale will display 180 works, including 120 single-frame comics and 60 multi-frame comics. (including more than 10 comic stories)

VIII Artist Award:

1. All 180 works will be collected by Jiaxing Art Museum. The first 40 works (30 pre-tax bonuses for single-frame comics are RMB 3,800 per piece; 10 pieces of multi-character comics are RMB 6500 each) and 140 other selected works (90 for pre-tax bonus) Each piece will cost 1800 yuan; 50 pieces of multi-frame comics will cost 3,800 yuan each). For artists outside of China, the bonus will be converted to US dollars at the current exchange rate. For artists who cannot receive remittances from any Chinese bank, the organizer will send an object with a value equivalent to the corresponding bonus.

2. An album will be produced and sent to each artist who is the exhibit.

3. The organizing committee will provide certificates for participating artists of the Biennale.


1. Classification:

The submitted work can be topic-based or free.

2. Work information:

Each participant can submit up to 4 works and accept vertical or horizontal works. The size of the work must be between 420×300mm (the size of Chinese ink painting must be within 500×350mm). The back of the work must be signed in Chinese and provide the following information: nationality, name, category, job name, address, postal code of the artist. , email address, phone number, copy of painter ID card, bank name and personal account (

Artists outside mainland China should provide a remittance address, a copy of the passport, a bank name, a bank SWIFT code and a personal account. Please make sure all information is available for contact, send work albums, certificates and remittances etc.

We will not resend any work albums, certificates and payment receipts, as the information provided by participating artists is incorrect and its delivery fails.

3. Job submission:

Artists outside of mainland China should send original hand-painted versions of the work, and if not selected, will return to the artist.

Mainland Chinese artists can send both hand-painted works and 10-inch photo works. If the photo passes the initial screening process, we will notify the artist to send a hand-drawn version to participate in the upcoming competition.

4. Deadline:

From now until May 30, 2019 (according to postmark).

5. Contact information:

Contact: Mr. Wang Xinyu / Ms. Liu Ping


Jiaxing Art Museum, No. 28 Zhonghe Road, Nanhu District

Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China

Zip code: 314000


Tel: 86-573-82031837, 86-573-82051101.

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