Winners of S-CooMix 2018 Italy
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Winners of S-CooMix 2018 Italy

تبریز تونز

Winners of S-CooMix 2018 Italy


282 authors from 42 different countries



Giorgio Giunta

Nadia Pizio

Riccardo Orlandi

Goia Zar

Nicole Marnini

Marco Fusi


Mariagrazia Quaranta


As for the winners decreed by the technical jury, we have:


Under 18

Special Mention

Sofia Slobodyan

Rossella Palmiero

Lorenzo Grignani

Petya Chernyschev

Aminov Ruslan




Ruslai Lopez Herrera


Over Foreigners

Special Mention

Sergey Sokolov (Russia)

Yangduoi (China)

Sepideh Faramarzi (Iran)

Wesam Khalil (Egypt)

Aleksei Kivokurtcev (Russia)

Goran Celicanin (Serbia)

Hamid Soufi (Iran)


Over Italy

Special Mention

Giovanni Beduschi

Enrico Biondi

Armando Ljupini

Valentino Villanova

Pietro Vanessi


Satire Award Winner

Tino Adamo


Illustration Winner

Mariagrazia Quaranta

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