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International Animation Submarine Competition- Serbia
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Deadline : 20 April 2019

تبریز تونز

International Animation Submarine Competition- Serbia


Apropos 56. Submariners International Conference, Belgrade, Serbia, 21-26 May, 2019, Federation of Submariners Belgrade and the Federation of Cartoonists of Serbia FECO organizes the International Cartoon Competition and Exhibition on SUBMARINE theme (submarines, crews, divers, torpedoes, mines and others). )


Send fees at email address: until 20 April 2019 (JPEG, 300 dpi, A4, maximum 4 MB per single carton)



First prize - 300 euros and diploma

Special Award Nicolas Otaas * - 300 Euros and Diploma

Second prize - 200 euros and diploma


Selected cartoonists will receive a printed catalog if they submit their mailing address or can download a PDF catalog from


The organizer can use animation to promote trade unions, contests and exhibitions.


* Special Award Nicolas Otaas (1960-2016) dedicated to the Diver and a prominent cartoonist, vice president of Serbia FECO.

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