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Fiocruz International Cartoon Contest of Fake News Health Graphic Humor 2019- Brazil
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ِDeadline : March 1, 2019

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Fiocruz International Cartoon Contest of Fake News Health Graphic Humor 2019- Brazil


II International Seminar and VI National Seminar Health relations

Press Releases: Fake News and Health

Convocation of the exhibition of graphic humor drawings Fake News and Health


From the Seminar

How do fake news affect health? To discuss the matter, Fiocruz Brasília

brings together journalists, researchers, health professionals, students and

interested in the theme between the 18 and 21 of March for the II Seminar

International Seminar and VI National Seminar on Public Health Relations with


Press: Fake News and Health.

The program of the event will include for the first time an exhibition of

humorous graphic designs on the topic Fake news and health, in the categories of cartoon, cartoon, and humor strips. To do this, launch with this regulation, call for designers from Brazil and abroad to register works for the exhibition.


From the objective of this call..

Encourage, publicize and promote reflection on the theme Fake News and Health, the from the look of designers from Brazil and abroad.


Of the participants..

The professional or amateur cartoonists (16 years old)

localities, from other states and from abroad, of Brazilian nationality or foreign;

Each participant can compete with up to three previously unpublished drawings or published.


The applicant, when signing up, declares that he / she is solely responsible for the veracity

and authorship of the submitted papers, answering civil and

criminally if, during or after the competition,

of the data or the authorship of the works submitted.

Excluded from participation are the persons of the Organizing Committee and Commission Judge.


From the inscription..

The registration will be made by e-mail


The application form will be made available on the Fiocruz Brasilia website, link and must be completed and attached to the e-mail containing the drawing.

The confirmation of registrations will be confirmed by e-mail, and will acceptance of the regulation and in the destination and use of the

The works must be sent in A3 (297mm X 420mm), horizontal or vertical, in JPEG, with at least 300 DPI

The organization is not responsible for registration not received due to computer problems or any other factor that makes it impossible to succeed in sending the e-mail.


Designs delivered will not be accepted if:

a- Disrespect the Brazilian legislation in general and the copyright laws

and intellectual property;

b- They have been produced to commit fraud or to encourage the practice of conduct that is unlawful or contrary to morals;

c- violate the rights of third parties, including without limitation, copyright and personality rights.

It is forbidden to replace the drawings delivered after the act of registration Participation in this call is free.


Two deadlines..

Disclosure of the regulation - January 30, 2019

Registration - January 31 to March 1, 2019.

Judgment and selection of proposals submitted - 04 to 08 March 2019

Production and printing of the exhibition - March 11 to 15, 2019

The exhibition will take place from March 18 to 21, 2019, at Fiocruz Brasilia. after the event, the selected papers will illustrate the book in Fake e-book format

News and Health, to be produced during 2019 with the texts of the guests of the event and summaries of the scientific papers presented.


Judgment and selection..

The works will be selected for the exhibition according to the creativity, originality, relevance to the theme, tracing and visual impact in This evaluation will be the responsibility of the Judging Committee, challenge.


The judging committee shall be composed of three members, one representative of the direction of Fiocruz Brasília, a representative of the of Fiocruz Brasília and a cartoonist, who will select among the works received, the works for exhibition and insertion in the e-book of the event.


The Judging Commission will assign each drawing a score on the scale of 01 to 03, with the minimum grade of 01 being attributed to the criterion that is less objectives of this call and the maximum score 03, to the one that best fits the same. Those selected will be those that reach the highest values ??in the sum of points.


The list of the selected will be available on the Fiocruz Brasilia website from of the 11th of March. The Organizing Committee will maintain contact with all classified via email.


Popular Jury..

It will be constituted by the participants of the event, who will select

the best design of the exhibition, during the days of the event, to appear on the cover of the e-book.


Of the destination and use of the works..

Those selected by the Judging Committee automatically authorize the Fiocruz Brasilia to use (in any media) the images of the works in exposure to Fake News and Saúde, yielding the copyright to the drawings signed for an indefinite period.

Fiocruz Brasilia will be responsible for printing the screens, which will be Fake News and Health, giving the their authors.

After the exhibition closes, the works will remain in the possession of the Fiocruz Brasilia, which will exercise the right of ownership for use in accordance without compensation of any kind whatsoever to the authors.

By participating in this selection, the registrants agree to the terms of this Regulation. Enrollment shall, for all intents and purposes, be authorization in the recording, publication, execution of the work, as well as reviews, automatically, all the rights of use of image of the design inscribed to the Fiocruz Brasilia, for an indefinite period.

All cases not provided for in this regulation will be resolved directly by the Organizing Committee.

The participant declares that this is the expression of his will, authorizing the use

of the design submitted with nothing to be claimed by way of rights

related to your image, present or future, or any other.

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