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Instagram Cartoon Summer Challenge 2919 Kruishoutem Belgium
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Instagram Cartoon Summer Challenge 2919 Kruishoutem Belgium

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Instagram Cartoon Summer Challenge 2919 Kruishoutem Belgium


I do like challenges, and you?


This is the moment to get some more exposure of your cartoon art work on Instagram, because you can participate in our one and only Summer Cartoon Challenge in July.

In 3 weeks we send an overview of the daily challenges.


You can read how to participate on the photos below. Attention: only on Instagram.

Hope you will participate with us!


How To Participate?

1- Every daya new challenge is posted on the Instagrampage


2- Make a daily new cartoon that meets the challenge

3- Post in on Instagram by using #CartoonSummerChallenge #Day(1,2,3,)) and tag #EccKruishoutem

4- If you do not have a public Instagram account we can not see your cartoon but you can send it to #EccKruishoutem

5- Every day a personal selectionwill be posted on our Instagramstory

6- The challenge is only on Instagram (No Facebook or email cartoons)

7- The aim is to challenge yourself every day on creativity and technique

8- Don't worry if you don't participate every day, but we hope you will

9- Just have fun

10- Sharpenyour pencils

European cartoon center Kruishoutem July 2019

Time: May 25 - June 14, 2019

تبریز تونز

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