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Deadline : 4 April 2022

تبریز تون





(Conditions of participation)

1. Entries may be submitted individually or jointly (co-authorship), with each applicant allowed to submit a maximum of three sardine designs.

2. Entrants are responsible for the originality of the designs submitted, which must be of their own authorship, and are legally liable for any third-party claims relating to copyright, related rights and personality rights arising from applicable law.


(Essential requirements for design entries)

1. Sardine design entries must be previously unpublished and original.

2. Design entries submitted must be recognisable as sardines and not confused with other any fish; a sardine-shaped outline is available on the following website:


3. Sardine design entries may be produced using any technique, manually (on paper/cardboard, collages, photographs or three-dimensional objects) or digitally. Manual designs must be photographed and/or digitalised.

4. Sardine design entries may not contain any element identifying their creator(s), or make reference to brands or logos, including ”Festas de Lisboa”.


(Registering for the contest and submitting designs)

1. You can register for the contest by completing the entry form on

2. Registration of contest entrants in “Festas de Lisboa'22” Sardine Contest” must comply with the following guidelines:

i) Entries by Minors: registration must be completed in the name of the minor, with the responsible adult providing their own details in the relevant section;

ii) Joint entries (co-authorship): registration must be completed in the name of the person who will be the focal point, with other contributors identified in the relevant section:

iii) Entries by entities, companies, educational institutions, IPSS (Private Social Solidarity Institutions), non-profit organisations, and other groups: registration must be completed under the name of the group, with the person responsible for the entry providing their own details in the relevant section.

4. Sardine designs must be submitted digitally as part of the registration completed on by uploading a JPEG/JPG file (max. 50MB), A3 size (42cm x 29.7cm) and with a resolution of 300dpi.


(Contest calendar and announcement of results)

1. The contest calendar is as follows.

a) The deadline for the submission of designs is until 6pm of the 4th of April 2022.

b) The winning designs will be announced until the 31st of May 2022.

2. “Festas de Lisboa’22 Sardine Contest” winners will be informed by email and/or telephone.


(Contest stages)

1. The contest consists of the following stages:

a) Jury shortlisting of 100 (one hundred) sardine designs.

b) Selection of 5 (five) winning sardine designs from amongst the 100 (one hundred) designs referred to in point a);


2. The designs are selected by the Jury without any features identifying their creators, thereby ensuring their anonymity.



1. The 5 (five) winning sardine designs will be awarded prizes.

2. Each winning design will be awarded a net cash prize of €1,500 (one thousand five hundred euros).

3. Prizes will be awarded upon the presentation of a receipt in accordance with Portuguese tax law.


(Contest Jury and selection)

1. The Jury is appointed by EGEAC.

2. The Jury selecting the winning sardine designs will take the following factors into consideration:

a) The design’s creativity and originality.

b) The design’s legibility and adaptability to other communication materials.

3. The Jury’s selections will be made by majority decision and are not subject to appeal or complaint.



1. Any queries relating to the interpretation of these Regulations must be sent to the following email address: