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1st International Cartoon Büyükçekmece Municipality Competition-Turkey-2022

Deadline: 16th of May 2022

تبریز تون

1st International Cartoon Büyükçekmece Municipality Competition-Turkey-2022





The Büyükçekmece Municipality organized an international competition to point out the challenges of our time, bring cultures together, and encourage the young cartoonists through the cartoon, which is a universal art.

Cartoon, considered the “naughty art” of modern times, has become one of the most popular expressions in the last 150 years with its specific features.

The journey of cartoons starts from the most hidden corners of the human soul and reaches out to societal/political events…

The cartoon is always thought and attitude performed by logic and criticism, sometimes created with a couple of rush drawings, sometimes visuals.

Büyükçekmece Municipality has revealed a vision that shows its perspective on art and artists by organizing the 1st International Cartoon Competition.

Since the competition will be organized internationally, it is responsible for an assertive and prestigious project.

The agreement of the competition will be published in Turkish and English.



1. The Subject of the Competition: Ecology (Climate Change, Food Shortage, Water Shortage, deforestation, etc. (5 June, the World Environment Day).

2. The deadline for sending the cartoons: cartoons should be sent until Monday, 16 May 2022, until 23.59 Turkey time.

3. The competition is open for amateur and professional cartoonists from all over the world. The drawing technique is free.

Selection committee members and their first-degree relatives cannot join the competition.

4. The cartoons sent to the competition must not have won an award in another national or international competition before.

The cartoons that the selection committee considers to be the same or similar or belong to another cartoonist will be excluded from the evaluation.

The cartoons that made it to the finals / passed the pre-selection will be published on the Büyükçekmece Municipality’s website between 20-24 May 2022 to confirm whether there is a similarity or not (will be suspended).

5. Participation in the competition is possible with a maximum of one (1) cartoon.

6. Competitors will send their cartoons digitally to

The cartoons should be maximum of A3 size, 300 dpi, JPEG format, and a maximum of 10 MB.

7. Some of the cartoons selected by the jury among the cartoons sent to the competition will be collected in a cartoon album.

The exhibition of the works deemed worthy of exhibiting will be held at the place and time considered as appropriate by the Büyükçekmece Municipality. No fee will be paid for the works deemed worthy for exhibition by the jury and selected to be included in the album.

8. Büyükçekmece Municipality will provide single-night accommodation and the meal expenses of the awarded cartoonists.


9. Selection Committee:

* Dr. Hasan AKGÜN (Mayor of Büyükçekmece)

* H. Gürhan OZANOĞLU (Büyükçekmece Municipality Coordinator) – Competition Coordinator

* Cemil Cahit YAVUZ (Cartoonist)

* Yılmaz ASLANTÜRK (Cartoonist)

* Nahid MAGHSOUDI (Cartoonist)

* Kürşat COŞGUN (Cartoonist)

* Ayşen BALOĞLU (Cartoonist)

* Behzat TAŞ (Cartoonist / Competition Curator)


10. Organization Committee:

* Ayhan ÇAĞLAR (Art Director)

* Alaattin DERYA (Büyükçekmece Municipality Personnel of Cultural Affairs)

* İlteriş Kağan KAN (Büyükçekmece Municipality Personnel of Cultural Affairs)


11. Awards:

First Prize: 10.000 TL (+ Medal)

Second Prize: 7.500 TL (+Medal)

Third Prize: 5000 TL (+Medal)

Honorable Mention (3 people): 2.000 TL (+Medal)

Under 18 (3 people): 1000 TL (+Medal)

Special Prize (On behalf of the institution/name to be determined): 3000 TL (+Medal)


12. Competition Calendar:

Deadline of the application: Monday, 16th of May 2022, time: 23:59.

Jury evaluation meeting: Wednesday, 18th of May 2022 time: 14.00.

Announcement of the results: will be announced on Friday, 20th of May 2022, from Büyükçekmece Municipality’s official website

Award Ceremony and Exhibition: will take place on Sunday, 05th of June 2022, Büyükçekmece Municipality in Dumlupınar Hall.

(The Büyükçekmece Municipality can modify the exhibition's award ceremony, the time, and place.)

Büyükçekmece Municipality will have the right to use all the works that receive or did not receive awards in the competition by stating the participant's name, within the scope of the law no. 5846.

Participants agree to transfer the rights of usage of their cartoons in all works, promotions, events, and training of Büyükçekmece Municipality free of charge. In addition, Büyükçekmece Municipality has the right to procure promotional materials such as posters, catalogs, brochures, gift books and use the works for publication in the media. In addition, Büyükçekmece Municipality has the right to use the works in reproduction, dissemination, distribution, and exhibition.

The participants' works that received or did not receive awards in the competition can be used in the written press, radio and television, and other mass media in line with the Büyükçekmece Municipality's purposes from the beginning of its submission.

In addition, the participants accept and undertake that Büyükçekmece Municipality has taken over the right to use their works in internet publications, posters, brochures, catalogs, agendas, posters, CDs, DVDs, and all digital media or calendars.

The participant declares that the work submitted to the competition is entirely her/his own. Due to this work, the participant undertakes that she/he is the sole and absolute addressee of the requests of the third parties that may arise from the FSEK numbered 5846 and other laws. In addition, the participant accepts that the legal and criminal responsibility for the work belongs entirely to her/him. She/he undertakes that Büyükçekmece Municipality does not have any legal or illegal responsibility regarding the matters listed (the right of recourse to the author is reserved). The right of use belongs to the owner of the work and the Büyükçekmece Municipality as the organizing institution of the competition.

13. People participating in the competition will be considered to have accepted the conditions of the competition and the selection committee's decisions in advance. The Selection Committee will act as an arbitrator in the disputes that may arise between the participant and the Büyükçekmece Municipality in case of hesitation or on matters not specified in the agreement. The Selection Committee is authorized in cases of conflict that may be encountered.


14. Contact:

İlteriş KAĞAN KAN, Büyükçekmece Municipality

Cultural Affairs Personnel

GSM: +90 (541) 664 68 91

Operator: +90 444 0 340



Address: Büyükçekmece Belediyesi, Fatih Mah.

Şehremini Sk. No:1 Büyükçekmece/İstanbul



1. Accommodation and meal expenses of the participants who live outside of Büyükçekmece and who receive an award in the competition will be covered by the Büyükçekmece Municipality.

2. Accommodation and meal expenses of one parent of the participants, who are under the age of 18 and receive the prize, will be covered by the Büyükçekmece Municipality.

3. The prizes for those who could not attend the ceremony, although they won an award, will be sent to the addresses of the competitors, and the monetary prizes will be sent to their bank accounts. If the beneficiary does not notify the IBAN, the award price expires at the end of 1 year from the announcement of the results. In case of expiration, the right holder cannot make any claims such as awards or royalties.

4. Among the cartoons sent to the competition, the works selected by the jury and deemed worthy of the exhibition will be collected in a digital album by Büyükçekmece Municipality.

This album will be published on the official website of Büyükçekmece Municipality.