6th edition of the International Caricature Festival in Africa FICA 2023
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Deadline: 16 NOVEMBER. 2023

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6th edition of the International Caricature Festival in Africa FICA 2023


The weekly Le Canard Libéré IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE MOROCCAN ASSOCIATION of caricature (MAC) And the ASSOCIATION atlas of caricature (AAC) organizes International Festival of caricature in Africa fica 2023.


Any person who participates in the contest accepts the conditions of the rules and the

Jury decisions.

Theme: 1

Artificial intelligence

Friend or foe of man?

Conditions of participation in the competition

The number of works per participant is limited to 2 (two).

The works must not have been published, exhibited or awarded in Morocco or abroad.

Format: A4, 300 dpi, JPG/JPEG and free techniques


Deadline: 16 NOVEMBER. 2023

Works that do not meet the set conditions

In this regulation will not be considered for the competition.

The follow in prizes are provided:

First prize (duck).

Second Prize (Africa)

Third prize (pencil stroke)

Three special prizes

Cartoons should be sent to:





By participating in competitions, the author lends his works to the organizers of exhibitions. The works sent remain at the disposal of the organizers for two years.

• The members of the jury will be considered as participants in the exhibition

And represent their own country.

Their names will automatically be added to the list of participants

(They will only participate in the exhibition, Not in competition (just participation of honor).

• The works can be used for promotion al purposes

(Printing, websites, newspapers, posters, invitation cards…)

Without the authorization of the artist and without any payment.


Theme 2: satirical portrait By cartoonist BOUHALI HAMID

BOUHALI HAMID was born in 1945 in Essaouia, Morocco.

Cartoonist. Winner of the Teacher Training Center, specialist in Plastic Arts. In the 1980s he published two cartoon news papers:”Al Tekchab” and “Akhbar l’Souk”, which were banned. He then published comic strips and humorous postcards. Residing in Essaouira, he chairs the “Attilal” Association of Plastic Arts, with a gallery where he exhibits.

تبریز تون

تبریز تون

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