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The First Tangis International Cartoon Competition- Morocco 2023
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Deadline : 31/12/2023

تبریز تون

The First Tangis International Cartoon Competition- Morocco 2023


 association Tassoult And Atae Academy


The first topic: Protect children from wars.

The second topic: Caricature artist Abdel-Ghani Al-Dahdouh.

“Tassolt Association, in partnership with Ataa Academy,” announces the launch of the first international caricature competition under the title:

Protect children from wars,

under the supervision of Mr president BENRKIA Mounir and a group of artists.

Works of all participant must be manual or digital and submitted in A4 size at 300 dpi.

Participation is limited to three works per topic.

*You must write your full name and country.

* Send a CV with a photo of the artist and include the addresses of his social sites.


The deadline for submitting works is: 31/12/2023

Send the works to: the association’s facebook massanger page or instagram

Awards: Honorary awards, certificates of appreciation for the first winners, certificates of participation, and a catalog for all artists

– Certificates will be sent to the winners via email

The first topic: Protect children from wars.

When any war breaks out, children become the weakest and most vulnerable beings in its midst, as they are exposed to grave violations committed against them, including killing, abuse, sexual assault, and direct bombing of schools, hospitals, and other public life facilities. They were and still are targets on the front lines, forcing their survivors to migrate from conflict areas to conflict areas. It is assumed that they are safe, so they are once again vulnerable to slavery, human trafficking, or recruitment into armed militias.

In light of this environment in which there is no sense of security and safety, all studies conducted on children who witnessed death in all its forms during the war showed that they suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, or what is called post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a mental and psychological condition that stays with them for a long time.Or perhaps all their lives they have been provoked by the frightening event to which they were the first eyewitness.

Through our drawings and creativity, we shout at the top of our voices, “All together to stop the war in the Middle East and the world.”

“All for a safe childhood.”

The second topic: Caricature artist Abdel-Ghani Al-Dahdouh.

Abdelghani Al-Dahdouh, a Moroccan artist born in Tangiers, loves and practices the art of caricature. He has worked in several local and national newspapers, and has won international awards in the field of caricature. He is the general coordinator of the National Cartoon and Media Forum, the founding president of the Moroccan Cartoonists Association, and the general coordinator of the Chefchaouen National Cartoon Festival in Morocco

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