Winners of The first Tangis International Cartoon Competition – Morocco 2023
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Winners of The first Tangis International Cartoon Competition – Morocco 2023

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Winners of The first Tangis International Cartoon Competition – Morocco 2023


Tassoult Association, headed by BENRKIA Mounir, and Ataa Academy in Tangier, northern Morocco, organized the Tangiers International Cartoon Competition in it's first edition in 2023.


The main topic: protecting children from wars.

The second topic: A portrait of the Moroccan caricaturist Abdel-Ghani Al-Dahdouh.


147 artists from 39 countries from different continents participated in the international competition, with a total of 362 works, including buds and children as well.


The association allocated certificates of honor to the three winners of first places and appreciation from the seven-member jury, namely:


1-Raed Khalil. Syria

2-BENRKIA Mounir. Morocco.

3-Souad Hamouch Al-Hafidi. Morocco

4-Emad Hajjaj, Jordan.

5- Fan Lintao, China.

6- Marian Avramesca. Romania.

7-Vasco Carcalo, Portugal.


Evidence is also allocated for audience choices.

The entries in the cartoon category, with the competition’s theme protecting children from wars, won:


1- First prize: Ehsan Ganji, Iran

2- Second prize: Mohammad Arezou, Iran

3- Mahboob Pakdel. Iran

Appreciation awards for:

-Muammar Kotbar, Turkey

-Mohammad Hussein Akbari. Iran.


The jury prizes in the portrait category honoring the Tangier artist Abdel-Ghani Al-Dahdouh.

1-First prize: Antonio Santos, Portugal.

2- Second prize: Mahmoud Kermani. Iran.

3- Third Prize: Cival Einstein, Brazil.

Appreciation awards for artists:

-Khedr Hassan, Egypt

-Wang Wei. China.


The buds and young ones received appreciation prizes, which are as follows:


-Hadis Akbari Sistani, Iran.

-Liu Leye. China.

-Mohamad Reza. Iran.

And public vote awards.

-First place: Soumaia ELbaidaoui, Morocco

-Second place: Aicha Madhouss, Morocco.

- Tarek Al-Sakhraoui: Algeria


Certificates of participation and catalogs were distributed to all participants.


The competition was well received by observers, especially in light of the wars on the international scene in which innocent victims, especially children suffer. See less

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