Humoralia Graphic Humor Show Peace is the only way 2023- Spain
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Deadline : June 25th, 2023

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Humoralia Graphic Humor Show Peace is the only way 2023- Spain


Humoralia Graphic Humor Show 2023



The Coordinator of No-Governmental Development Organisations and others Solidarity Movements of Lleida and Humoralia organize the Graphic Humor Show “PEACE IS THE ONLY WAY“.

The aim of the exhibition is to raise awareness about Peace Culture as the only way to create possibilities of dignity and a livable future for all people; since peace is not only the absence of conflicts, but also requires a positive, dynamic and participatory process in which dialogue, understanding and mutual cooperation are promoted, and requires the elimination of all forms of discrimination and oppression , the will to promote justice and equality and the practice of a deep respect for life.


1. Any professional artist or amateur can take part in the exhibition.

2. The topic of the exhibit is Peace Culture understood as a set of values, attitudes and behaviors that reflect respect for life, human beings and their dignity, and that put Human Rights in the foreground, the rejection of violence in all its forms and adherence to the principles of freedom, justice, solidarity and tolerance, as well as understanding and respect between peoples, groups and individuals (United Nations, declaration for a culture of peace, 1999).

3. The reception of works ends on June 25th, 2023.

4. The works can be made in any technique, with the DIN A4 (210mm x 297 mm) or proportional format.

5. Participants may send a maximum of 3 works, in black and white or in colour, if it is possible without text. In case of including a text, this must be in Catalan, Spanish, English or French.

6. Works have to be sent by e-mail to to 300 dpi in JPG or JPEG format

7. In the same e-mail, include a document containing the following information: Title of the work, name and surname, pseudonym, postal address, telephone number with international prefix, e-mail, social networks (instagram, twitter, facebook or artist’s website) brief resume and photo or caricature of the author. The organization undertakes to confirm receipt of the work via e-mail.

8. Due to the non profit nature of the Exhibition, the selected works will not be awarded financially. However, the organization undertakes to send 2 copies of the printed catalog to the authors of the selected works by post.

9. An on-line catalog with the selected works will be edited and published on the Coordinadora’s website

10. A jury made up of qualified specialists in Human Rights and Graphic Humor and design will make a selection of 50 works from among those presented.

11. The jury’s decision will be irrevocable.

12. The selected drawings will be part of a touring exhibition by Humoràlia and the Coordinadora d’ONGD i aMS de Lleida.

13. The works, as they are digital, do not need to be returned to the authors.

14. The participation of the author in the contest implies the authorization of the publication and exhibition of the work, and in an online catalog, solely for the purpose of sensitizing the population about the need to act for peace, and will never be for profit. In all the supports where the work is published, the name of the author will always be indicated.

15. Participation implies full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions. Any questions that may arise will be resolved by the jury.

Coordinadora d’ONGD i aMS de Lleida

Tlfn (+34) 973 268 278 .

More on Coordinadora d’ONGD i aMS de Lleida.

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